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Welcome to Nice Drama.

Nice Drama equals business, quality and storytelling. We focus on creating, developing, packaging and producing high end drama with a strong commercial appeal for the Scandinavian and international market.

Some of our productions

Max Anger

An espionage thriller played out in Stockholm and St Petersburg in 1996 when Russia is on the brink of another revolution. Premieres on Viaplay in 2021

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Rosenlundsgatan 40, 118 53 Stockholm, Sweden

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It would be nice to hear from you, but please note that we don’t have the capacity to read entire scripts – but are happy to read your pitch or synopsis. Send it to

Alexander Tanno


Karin Strandberg Blom

Executive Producer

Cecilia Norman Mardell


Annica Sundström

Financial Manager

Lejla Bešić


Sara Åman

Production Coordinator

Mikael Newihl

Creative Director

Isabelle Jalmestig

Story Editor